Sparkly Clutch Purses: Our Top 5 New Year's Eve Purses

Time is flying by, and soon enough you’ll be counting down to a brand new year surrounded by other revelers. But what chic bags should you carry along with you into that new year? New Year’s Eve is a massive opportunity to start the year off on a brand-new note. What sort of style statement do you want to make? Sparkles are always in on New Year’s Eve. There is no better night to go out with a sparkly clutch purse, ready to step into the new year with style. 

Here are our top five favorite New Year’s purse styles! 

1. The Elegant Rhinestone Purse

Woman in black dress holds sparkly clutch purse


Think classic elegance. This timeless design transcends trends, looking as fresh today as it would have 30 years ago. By utilizing tried and true designs, this sparkly clutch purse is sure to never go out of style.

The beaded glamour on this New Year’s purse would be ideal for a dinner date, black-tie soiree, or an elevated cocktail party. A classic rhinestone purse invokes iconic beauties like Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. Live out your classic Hollywood dream this New Year’s Eve with an elegant rhinestone purse on your wrist.

2. The Dancing Queen’s Purse

Woman in pink silk dress with a sparkly clutch purse


You came to this party on a mission, and that mission is to dance away the old year and bring in the new year. So what is perfect for a dancing queen ready to stay out until the clock strikes midnight? She’ll want to grab a sparkly clutch purse that has versatile strap options to keep it in check.

A wristlet or a crossbody clutch is an excellent way to ensure that the dancing queen can be hands-free and have fun. Pair a purse as sparkly as the disco ball with a jewel-toned dress to really shine in the night. Opt for a piece with an adjustable strap so that you can keep a hold of your purse while dancing in the moonlight.

3. The Minimalist New Year’s Purse



Some people make New Year’s resolutions to not bring their baggage into the new year. And some people take that quite literally when it comes to choosing their going out bags. If you don’t want too much holding you back, you can opt for a thin sparkly clutch bag that can hold your phone, a few cards, your lipstick, and absolutely no useless baggage.

During an age where we can tap to pay almost everywhere, there isn’t much of a reason to bring along anything extra. These minimalist bags are ideal for the reveler who doesn’t want to have anything hold them back.

4. Maximalist Sparkly Clutch Purse

Woman holding a sparkly red heart-shaped bag with fringe


Can’t decide between sparkles, fringe, or a bold statement color? Why not all three? For a girl who wants everything and more, there are maximalist statement purses that will make heads turn.

There has been a rise in big, flashy, and even campy style in the last few years, such as the success of indie pop darling, Chappell Roan. She combines classic Western style, retro romance, and a healthy smattering of glitter and sparkle into all of her looks. If you want to make your own fireworks, reach for a sparkly clutch purse that makes you feel like the retro cowgirl of your dreams.

5. A Metallic Moment

Woman holding a silver metallic bag


All that glitters isn’t gold, but you can feel like gold when you reach for a metallic purse. Silver and gold are classic shades that can complement almost any other color you choose to wear. Reaching for a metallic clutch purse can take your outfit to the next level of elegance and sophistication.

It’s also just an excellent choice for anyone who wants a New Year’s purse that not only sparkles but also shines.

Start The Year Off On a Stylish Note

You want to feel your best when you are stepping into the New Year. And you’ll feel your best if you are expressing your own unique style. At Moda Luxe, we have purse collections that can fit every mood, whether you want to reach for that luxury clutch or a modern bag.

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