Our Story


Our Story begins in 2013. Moda Luxe was developed with the goal to create the perfect accessory to complement any look and lifestyle. Our passion for developing the brand seeded from the need to design handbags that are not only unique & trendy but carry characteristics of functionality, flexibility, and comfort. We understand that handbags are an everyday necessity and we want to give our customers something that will not only turn heads but also feel great and satisfy their everyday needs. Our handbags blend lux textures, elevated details and focus on premium quality.  

As our brand grows, we will continue to be inspired by the world, new technology & trends, and most importantly YOU. We promise to always deliver innovative handbags with cutting-edge design and quality.  

Our passion doesn't stop at handbags, but at making a woman feel fierce within her own skin. One of our greatest strengths, since inception, has been and is encouraging and allowing women to express their individuality, personality, and style through what they wear and carry by their side every day.

Own the moment & be YOU!  

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