7 of the Best Classic Leather Purses That Are Perfect for Fall

The autumn season is the perfect opportunity to flaunt all of your best leather purses. Cooler weather allows for endless styling freedom, so you should have no problem choosing fall designer bags that complement any outfit you put together.

Whether you’re exploring a pumpkin patch in classic blue jeans and a rustic flannel or grabbing an evening dinner in a contemporary skirt paired with a cozy cardigan, there’s a perfect Moda Luxe online handbag for you. Here’s some inspo to help you plan this year’s autumn looks.

1. Embrace Western Styles

A woman carrying the Skyler Crossbody


Western handbags and fall weather are a match made in heaven. Warmer tones like cognac, nude, tan, natural, and mustard capture the autumn aesthetic. If you really want to go for the best leather purses that capture the Western vibe, choose a bag with unique details like tassels, knots, and braids.

2. Get Inspired by Nature

A woman carrying the Skyler Crossbody


The autumn season is known for producing the most beautiful flora, so why not use your surroundings as an influence on your style? 

Bold and bright purses with foliage-inspired hues like red, magenta, mustard, and clementine really pop, especially when paired with warm neutrals like tan, beige, and brown. If you need some inspiration for your fall wardrobe, just look up!

3. Experiment With Sleek Minimalism

A woman carrying the Emilia Hobo


Many fall looks feature warmer colors, but sometimes the best leather purses for the season exude pure coolness. The chillier weather pairs wonderfully with sleeker, moodier looks. Consider fall designer bags from our Modern Minimalist handbag collection.

Black clothing really captures the feel of autumn, especially around Halloween. This is spooky season, after all—let your inner goth out! Streamlined black purses pull the outfit together without attracting too much attention.

Of course, you don’t have to dress in black if that’s not your thing. Minimalist style just means keeping it simple and elegant. Utilitarian clothing can also allow your statement purse to stand out more. Sometimes you don’t want the rest of your outfit to distract from your best leather purses!

4. Incorporate Your Purse Into Your Layers

A woman carrying the Brixley Tote


Autumn is arguably the most fashionable season because the brisk fall weather lets you layer your look to perfection. Don’t forget to incorporate your purse (or purses) into your layers.

Layering multiple bags is a trend that can be quite striking if you do it right. Of course, carrying two slouchy bags wouldn’t make much sense, but there are pairings that look amazing together. For example, on a shopping trip, you could keep your essentials in a suede backpack or leather belt bag and your pick-ups in a large leather tote bag.

You could also use your best leather purses as layering accessories. We recommend going one of two ways: either match your purse to your outfit, or choose a contrasting design to create an eye-catching juxtaposition.

5. Try the Quiet Luxury Trend

A woman carrying the Astoria Clutch


Also known as “stealth wealth,” the quiet luxury trend combines modest, casual styles with high-end quality. For example, woven purses make perfect fall designer bags for anyone seeking an accessory that exudes low-key fanciness—class doesn’t always need flash.

Woven bags are summertime staples that work great as vacation bags, but they also have a bucolic, homespun feel that really fits the cozy autumn vibe. 

6. Carry Suede in the Shade

A woman carrying the Regan Crossbody


As you shop for the best leather purses to carry this fall, don’t overlook our premium suede crossbody handbags. Soft, supple, and sumptuous, suede purses definitely fit the comfy autumn aesthetic. Suede’s napped finish also adds some appealing visual texture to your outfit. 

7. Add an Extravagant Touch to Evenings Out

A woman carrying the Gianna Crossbody


Fall’s cool weather lets you go all out with your most glamorous ensembles—boots and jackets, anyone? You only get a few months to really flaunt your favorite autumn pieces, so make sure you plan some evenings out at your favorite local hot spots.

Our Going Out bags are packed with the best leather purses for those nights on the town when you want to make a statement with your look. Express one-of-a-kind personality with empowering fall designer bags that elevate your favorite fall outfits.

Find Your Perfect Autumn Accessory Today

These 7 ideas are just the start of your fall styling journey! We have so many modern bags for you to explore. Shop all of our purse collections for more inspiration as you plan this year’s autumn wardrobe.